About Swing Unlimited Big Band

Swing Unlimited Big Band (SUBB) was founded in 2001 with the primary aim of providing opportunities for local musicians to play the widest possible range of “Big Band” music. Following on from this was the desire to perform this music, bringing pleasure to local audiences.


SUBB is a non-profit making organisation which endeavours through music to:



Since its formation, the SUBB group has expanded to include:



The Swing Unlimited Big Band Group can provide bands of all sizes and all types of music for any occasion or function. We regularly play at weddings, Balls, Proms, birthday and anniversary parties as well as major open-air events and a variety of theatre and concert venues. Please contact us if you want to make any booking enquiry, would like to join the group as a musician, want to support us by becoming a friend of SUBB, or just want to know more about us!